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Boonsboro Upper Cervical Chiropractic aims to provide specific upper cervical chiropractic care to remove subluxation that interferes with proper brain-body communications and to educate our community on the body’s innate ability to heal itself resulting in increased functional performance, and overall mental and social wellness of our patients.

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Gentle and Precise

Embrace a Healthier Life with Boonsboro Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Welcome to Boonsboro Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Our Upper Cervical chiropractor, Dr. Blanford, is here to help correct atlas and axis misalignments (the top two bones of the spine) which irritate the brainstem and cause a host of health issues within the entire body. Our gentle approach to healing applies to all ages, making us your best partner in pursuing a healthier life for every member of your family.

We take pride in our commitment to providing precise and helpful Upper Cervical Chiropractic care in Boonsboro and the surrounding area. Helping every patient experience a life free from dysfunction and suffering is our number one mission!

Why Upper Cervical Care?


State of the art digital imaging taken prior to the first correction allows us to “see” the exact position of your spine, particularly the upper cervical misalignment in the cranio-cervical junction. Careful analysis reveals a precise correction vector used to restore your spine to its proper alignment.


The Knee Chest Chiropractic technique uses low-force correction to help your body heal from chronic health complaints. It's uniquely designed to put the cervical spine in a specific position that permits careful adjustments of your misaligned atlas and axis bones. The precision of the adjustment allows us to work smarter, not harder.


Correction of the local misalignment and removal of the irritation to the brainstem in the upper cervical region enables your body to produce a global neurological response which reduces the multiple compensations that cause many of your health issues.

What Our Patients Say...

Dr. Blanford has arrived! He is thorough, listens to what your body is telling him and your complaints, and is very professional. The office is very clean and well equipped. There is ample parking in the back and the office staff is polite, knowledgeable and kind. His arrival and treatment approach are long overdue in this area, and it’s a delight to have found this practice. I’ve been waiting several years to find an upper cervical chiropractor in this area so I wasn’t driving 2+ hours to Springfield, VA or Annapolis, MD to be properly adjusted from the top. I whole hearted recommend him and upper cervical care.
Matt McAlister
Matt McAlister
I wish I had come here sooner! I’ve been struggling with lower back pain for years, I started to think it would just be my perpetual state. After just a few adjustments, I’ve started to be able to live my life how I want to again. Dr. Blanford is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, kind and effective. Highly recommend!
Jess Doyle
Jess Doyle
My experiences have been great here! I feel way better and more active since I’ve started coming here! I would highly recommend coming to upper cervical chiropractic work! I went to a chiropractor before and no progression was made! Upper cervical chiropractor work is definitely the way to go!
Tony Hook
Tony Hook
Dr. Blandford is certainly a chiropractic specialist. His knowledge of body function and nervous system (and how it relates to spinal alignment) shows that he really knows his stuff! So glad to see he's in the area and serving the community by bringing true wellness. What a great team!
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Break free from pain, so you can get back to doing the things you love. 
Enjoy a brighter future, and be healthier than you ever thought possible!
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By providing careful atlas/axis corrections, we help address patients' common complaints that are strongly connected to irriations of the nervous system. There are undoubtedly many things that our upper cervical doctor can help you with. We look forward to helping you lead a healthier life starting today.

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